Can you get high snorting amitriptyline?

Asked by unregistered 5 years ago does amitriptyline cause weight gain amitriptyline for sleep amitriptyline tab 25mg

Well SWIM had prescribed amitriptyline for a couple of years now and SWIM have to say yes SWIM can get high off of it if you take 80-100mg orally. But doing that could cause an over dose and SWIM could have life threatening things happen to SWIM. And if SWIM snort it and prepare the pill in the right state of it being snort-able SWIM would only take 40-50mg. But when SWIM snort it, it will hurt SWIM noise a lot and make it very stuffy. In SWIM'S opinion this drug isn't worth it to get "high."

by Bobby 4 years ago

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Can you get high snorting amitriptyline?

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