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Is snorting pills a recommended way to get it in your system?

Asked by Takeela Mcallister 9 years ago would a doctor think you were becoming an attic by

One needs to remember that most medications also contain by-products such as starch, dyes and other ingredients that help form the pill. These products can enter into the lung and over time result in restrictive lung disease...similar to black lung disease seen in coal miners.

by Kilo 8 years ago

I wouldn't recommend snorting it for the reasons listed above. But what seems to work better and quicker with me is parachuting it. Crush it to a powder, put it in a square of toilet paper, tie the t.p. And soak it in warm water then swallow it with a glass of water. It has the same effect but stronger and longer, as i like to put it.

by Bob 8 years ago

Terrow Twin 1
It may work faster, however it will not work as long. It also totally destroys your nasal passage, and can enter into your sinus cavity between your nose and your ear, causing a terrible infection that cause you to wish someone would shoot you. No joke, know from prior experiences. I've since quit doing pills. Feel a lot better. If your searching for a faster way to get then in your system, break them into pieces, but remember, they will not last as long. By breaking them your creating more surface area for your stomach acids to get to work on dissolving them. I highly recommend taking any pills with a glass of water. I didn't used to, but i've discovered for some reason they do work so so much better. They will also kick in somewhat faster. I do not recommend snorting pills tho. Ppl have to live an learn but the only thing you learn from snorting pills is that you should have never started it. - i know a guy that used to snort pills, he has no nose now and a hole in his face just because he got an infection in his nasal passage from snorting pills. Almost killed him!! Swallowing them is one thing, please don't snort them. It's an awful mistake!!!!

by Terrow Twin 1 9 years ago

Who knows thats what Ive been doing for the oxy 30's but the new  80's with some chemical that keeeps it in one piece,   I cant snort a solid mass nor would I think of trying because thats what the new ones are soild mass of a pill, you could leave it in water for 6 or 12 hours marinate it they get softer at least I think more oxy is released when I do that . Ive been detoxing not by choise but by cirimstances, I know Monday or Tues I can fill a couple scripts I hope I dont Id like to see what clean can bne. Only problem is it worth not walking staying mostly in my wheel chair which I really can do without on the oxy. To say the obvious theres alot of up side to being clean but Im really alone So you nonly can guess what I can or will do Steven  ,

by Steveo 9 years ago

Dedpends on the water solubility and bioavalibility . Opanas have 40% thats gets in ur body while when you eat them you only get 10%

by Jordan 9 years ago

Yes, I do it. It kicks in faster. Off course doctors will tell you not to do it but it works. It enters through your nasal capillaries faster than if you were to swallow it.

by Nonya 9 years ago

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Is snorting pills a recommended way to get it in your system?

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